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Vladimir Kucera

CA Technologies

My Bio,

Finishing Ph.D. in Technical Cybernetics, constantly learning person with strong focus on machine learning and advanced technologies..


Research Topics:
• Control Theory
• Computer vision and machine learning 
• Signal shapers and time delay systems in vibration control
• Vibration control (delayed resonator, signal shapers, passive and active absorbers
• Aircraft control systems (Robust fixed order controller for BWB aircraft ACFA 2020 by H_inf methods)
• Robust control

• More than 4-year experience of developing various computer vision algorithms in C++, Linux and also Windows platform arm devices
• Metal C, C programming, Mainframe, Z/OS 
• Spectral methods in active damping vibration analysis an suppression of mechanical structure by delayed feedback
• Modern control theory, LQG, LQR, Kalman filter, H_inf control, Robust control
• Vibration control (6 year)

Advanced skills 
• Matlab environment and programming + Simulink, Modern control theory 
• C++, Opencv, Computer vision algorithm, Eclipse, Linux development, Visual studio
• Computer Vision- multi target tracking, kalman filtering, advanced visual tracking systems on cloud platform
• Machine learning- Boosting (Adaboost, Waldboost) bootstrapping, trees, deep learning 

Vienna University of Technology (Alexander Shirrer)
University of Connecticut UCONN (Prof. Nejat Olgac)
Northeastern University at Boston (Prof. Rifat Sipahi)

14 conference papers 
Co-author 4 journal papers
Automatica, IEEE transaction on mechatronics, IEEE TAC and JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION 



Speaking In: