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Francis Burgess


I work for IBM at the Software Development Lab at Hursley, Winchester. I started here in 1986 as a trainee operation analyst looking after all the mainframe systems, both hardware and software, working shifts to ensure the machines worked 24 / 7. I became a shift leader and was  handed the responsibility of training new operators when they joined IBM. I then moved in to CICS Development where I worked in the build team looking after CICS on the OS/2 platform. I moved on to working on CICS on the VSE Platform and eventually the flagship product on z/OS. A build group will take all the code produced by developers and integrate it together to form a product, they will also produce the installation program. I became team leader of the entire Build group looking after all the builds for all development groups in Hursley.  I got interested in how customer used the product so I moved on to a department called Betaworks that has a lot of customer interaction, first working on a workstation (Windows / Linux) based product called Websphere and then back on to CICS on the mainframe. My department produces early drivers of product code and gets customer s to take the product before it is available on the market and get feedback on the product. We use the feedback to change and enhance the product prior to making it available.  We provide education to the customers and technical support. We also educate the IBM account teams and sales teams about the new features / functions of the product so that they are better able to support IBM's customer base. Prior to IBM I worked as stock controller and transport manager for a wholesale food supplier based at Stratford Upon Avon using their computer based systems. Before that I worked for the Ministry of Defence as an auditor. I graduated from Oxford Polytechnic with a Bsc degree in Economics and Geography and I did an MBA at Southampton University part time whilst working for IBM


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