GSE UK Conference 2017

The Future.Ready() Mainframe

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Tuesday 7th November

Session Presentation Title Speaker Company Room Time
Registration & Coffee 08:00 - 09:15
Keynote: Conference Opening Mark Wilson RSM Partners Ltd Bentleys 09:15 09:30
Keynote: The Future Ready Imperative: A Mainstreamed Mainframe Chris O'Malley Compuware UK Ltd Bentleys 09:30 10:30
15 Minute Break 10:30 - 10:45
AA zEssentials – An accessible introduction to what zSystems are all about Jeff Gribbin RSM Technology Ltd Suzuka 10:45 11:45
BA GDPS 3.14 what’s new? Dave Clitherow IBM UK LTD. Indianapolis 10:45 11:45
CA z/VM - The Leader in Virtualization Victor Boyarintsev CA Technologies Wellington A 10:45 11:45
DA DS8000 Update Nick Clayton IBM UK LTD. Vale 10:45 11:45
EA Introducing the new HiperSockets Converged Interface support Jerry Stevens IBM USA Stowe 10:45 11:45
FA What's new in RACF Mark Nelson IBM USA Monza 10:45 11:45
GA CICS Technical Overview Steve Foley IBM UK LTD. Hungaroring 10:45 11:45
HA Vendor updates & Working Group business Various GSE UK Wellington B 10:45 11:45
IA Here we go again - What's New in DB2 12 Phil Grainger BMC Software Ltd Nurburgring 10:45 11:45
JA Introduction to IBM Integration Bus Graham Haxby IBM UK LTD. Chapel 10:45 11:45
LA zAAP it’s gone, so is my zIIP capacity Don Zeunert BMC Software Ltd Woodcote 10:45 11:45
MA Three Steps to DevOps for Core Enterprise Teams Jean Louis Vignaud CA Technologies Becketts 10:45 11:45
NA IWSz Keynote Marco Cardelli HCL Technologies Catalunya 10:45 11:45
OA What has changed recently with CA OPS/MVS Frank White CA Technologies Magny Cours 10:45 11:45
PA The latest emerging technologies: what mainframers need to know Neil Evans Macro 4 Hockenheim 10:45 11:45
15 Minute Break 11:45 - 12:00
AB Blockchain 101 Jerry Crossfield L3C LTD Suzuka 12:00 13:00
BB Introduction to GTF trace Vlastimil Jedek CA Technologies Indianapolis 12:00 13:00
CB Managing and Orchestrating Docker Containers with OpenShift Neale Ferguson Sine Nomine Associates Wellington A 12:00 13:00
DB New Brocade SAN features for configuration and availability Bill Bolton Brocade Vale 12:00 13:00
EB z/OS Communications Server V2R3 New Features Update Jerry Stevens IBM USA Monza 12:00 13:00
FB Ransomware on Z? Checkmate Mark Wilson RSM Partners Ltd Melbourne 12:00 13:00
GB Getting started with Liberty in CICS Paul Cooper IBM UK LTD. Hungaroring 12:00 13:00
HB IMS Virtualization with COPE Thomas Esser Compuware UK Ltd Wellington B 12:00 13:00
IB Total Recall: Exploiting In-Memory Features in DB2 12 for z/OS Julian Stuhler Triton Consulting Nurburgring 12:00 13:00
JB What's new in IBM Integration Bus v10 Dominic Storey IBM UK LTD. Chapel 12:00 13:00
LB Mainframe Capacity Management – Time to come out of the silo Nick Varley Metron Woodcote 12:00 13:00
MB Fuel Your Digital Transformation through APIs, Microservices and DevOps Per Kroll IBM Becketts 12:00 13:00
NB Run-Cycle groups - the gift that keeps on giving Anna Dawson IBM UK LTD. Catalunya 12:00 13:00
OB IBM System Automation Update Dave Swift IBM UK LTD. Magny Cours 12:00 13:00
PB Machine Learning on the Mainframe Tom Juhl CA Technologies Hockenheim 12:00 13:00
Lunch 13:00 - 14:00
AC Introduction to CICS Pradeep Gohil IBM UK LTD. Suzuka 14:00 14:45
BC The Latest and Greatest z/OS Release Is Here: V2R3! Marna Walle IBM USA Monza 14:00 14:45
CC Red Hat on z update Sebastien Siegert Red Hat Wellington A 14:00 14:45
DC New trends in Virtual Tape: Cloud and Automation Robin Fromm Dell EMC Vale 14:00 14:45
EC Shared Memory Communications : Improve Performance, Throughput and Response Time ! Jerry Stevens IBM USA Stowe 14:00 14:45
FC Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Why, what and how – part of a GDPR compliance strategy Keith Banham Macro 4 Melbourne 14:00 14:45
GC Make Your API Catalog Essential to Mobile CICS App Developers with z/OS Connect Andy Lyell IBM UK LTD. Hungaroring 14:00 14:45
HC IMS SVSO Fast Path database conversion for availability - User implementation Dominic Jackson Barclays Bank plc Wellington B 14:00 14:45
IC API’s, DB2s native REST support and z/OS Connect Mark Turner The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc Nurburgring 14:00 14:45
JC IBM Hybrid Integration and your Enterprise Dominic Storey IBM UK LTD. Chapel 14:00 14:45
LC Tips and Tricks for Allocating MIPS Costs – Managing the Complexity Steven Thomas SMT Data Woodcote 14:00 14:45
MC AD Panel Session Keith Allen IBM UK LTD. Becketts 14:00 14:45
NC So what gotcha this year with IWSz ? Dean Harrison IBM UK LTD. Catalunya 14:00 14:45
OC New monitoring method for enterprise critical applications Dr. Tomasz Cieplak systemwork Magny Cours 14:00 14:45
PC IBM eXp: Z systems on demand, wherever and whenever Francis Burgess IBM UK LTD. Hockenheim 14:00 14:45
15 Minute Break 14:45 - 15:00
AD RACF Commands For Dummies – Presented By A Dummy Leanne Wilson RSM Partners Ltd Suzuka 15:00 16:00
BD IBM Z ushers in a new era of performance and protection with the z14 Parwez Hamid IBM Indianapolis 15:00 16:00
CD GDPS Virtual Appliance Dave Clitherow IBM UK LTD. Wellington A 15:00 16:00
DD Managing Grandpa’s Data: Mainframe Storage Administration for the Modern User Vladimir Kucera CA Technologies Vale 15:00 16:00
FD GDPR – What does it mean for the mainframe? Rui Feio RSM Partners Ltd Melbourne 15:00 16:00
GD Discovering z/OS Provisioning Toolkit Alasdair Hunter IBM UK LTD. Hungaroring 15:00 16:00
HD The Analytics (R)evolution for your IMS Assets Clive Harriss IBM UK LTD. Wellington B 15:00 16:00
ID PBR RPN - Removing Partitioning restrictions in Db2 12 for z/OS Steve Thomas CA Technologies Nurburgring 15:00 16:00
JD Two REST Stops - z/OS Connect for MQ and Implementing RESTful Services in IIB Dominic Storey IBM UK LTD. Chapel 15:00 16:00
LD Parallel Sysplex Performance Topics Martin Packer IBM UK LTD. Monza 15:00 16:00
MD Accelerating Revenue Generating Development Efforts on the Mainframe Rebecca M Levesque 21st Century Software, Inc. Becketts 15:00 16:00
ND IWS (TWS) Tools 2017 from Horizont Murray Turner Blenheim Software Ltd. Catalunya 15:00 16:00
OD OMEGAMON News Dave Swift IBM UK LTD. Magny Cours 15:00 16:00
PD Development of search and rescue robot for disaster events David Jazani University of Bedfordshire Hockenheim 15:00 16:00
Afternoon Refreshments - 30 Minutes 16:00 - 16:30
AE The Joy of Mainframe Keith Banham Macro 4 Monza 16:30 17:30
BE Migrating to z/OS V2.3 - Planning Marna Walle IBM USA Indianapolis 16:30 17:30
CE Linux on Z: What applications should I deploy on Linux on Z and why Lubomir Cheytanov L3C Wellington A 16:30 17:30
DE The new frontier in Business Continuity Planning: Isolated Recovery Systems Brett Quinn Dell EMC Vale 16:30 17:30
EE Determining who's using what network encryption on your z/OS system: zERT to the rescue! Jerry Stevens IBM USA Melbourne 16:30 17:30
FE Determining who's using what network encryption on your z/OS system: zERT to the rescue! Jerry Stevens IBM USA Melbourne 16:30 17:30
GE The New CICS Asynchronous API Pradeep Gohil IBM UK LTD. Hungaroring 16:30 17:30
HE IMS performance and problem analysis using tools Henry Kiesslich Fundi Software Pty Ltd. Wellington B 16:30 17:30
IE DB2 Building Blocks Jim Dee BMC Software Ltd Nurburgring 16:30 17:30
JE MQ Latest and Greatest Enhancements Jamie Squibb IBM UK LTD. Chapel 16:30 17:30
LE zIIP and Memory: the two Pillars of z/OS cost reduction Danilo Gipponi EPV Technologies Woodcote 16:30 17:30
ME Open group discussion on AD best Practices Keith Allen IBM UK LTD. Becketts 16:30 17:30
NE Batch and the 4 hour rolling average Dean Harrison IBM UK LTD. Catalunya 16:30 17:30
OE Use the latest technology to manage your NOC smarter? Tom Juhl CA Technologies Magny Cours 16:30 17:30
PE Even better than the real thing': Adventures in 3D virtual environments Carolyn Harlow Sodalite Hockenheim 16:30 17:30
5 Minute Break 17:30 - 17:35