GSE UK Conference 2017

The Future.Ready() Mainframe

Trident Services Inc

Trident Services has provided z/OS solutions and systems consulting services since 1978. Trident has established a solid reputation for the excellence of its software and the expertise of its consulting staff while continuing to keep pace with industry changes, emerging technologies and client needs.

Our flagship software, zOSEM (zOperating System Environment Manager), is one solution for total system management of z/OS. Trident’s zOSEM simplifies and modernizes z/OS management by implementing dynamic controls of functions, delivers improved system throughput, better control of JCL standards, optimizes HSM, and includes resource routing functions to significantly reduce ISV footprint, helping you reduce ISV and MLC charges. The latest release of zOSEM introduces step-level routing, which allows for further reduction of software license footprints by routing only the job step to a penalty box or LPAR.

Whether it is a cost saving software solution or the expertise of our Consultants, Trident helps you work smarter!