GSE UK Conference 2017

The Future.Ready() Mainframe


The Fujitsu CS8000 is a unique platform that acts as a repository for backup, recovery, and archiving, supporting Mainframe, Mid-Range, and Open System environments either individually or all three simultaneously. It is an appliance that acts as a virtual management layer for these environments, allowing for significant consolidation opportunities. The benefits in deploying this solution are many, including high performance, massively scalable, agility, and large cost savings. Customers typically see a return on their investment in under 12 months.

The CS platform was first deployed for mainframe in 1997, so it has a long track record and pedigree. We introduce OPEN system connectivity in 2004, and S3 connectivity in 2014. It is widely deployed within the financial services sector throughout Europe, with many customers on 2nd or 3rd generations of the platform. A typical implementation within a complex environment can be as little as 4 weeks. This enables customers to gain immediate cost savings and efficiencies without any disruption to their business or to the services they provide.