GSE UK Conference 2017

The Future.Ready() Mainframe


Luminex is a leading developer and provider of mainframe data solutions and is best known for its Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT) solutions. Luminex MVT™ solutions, featuring Channel Gateway™ X (CGX), allow enterprises to eliminate or reduce physical tape, improve RTO and RPO, lower operating costs, as well as improve security and overall data protection.

Luminex's focus on the mainframe has led to groundbreaking virtual tape innovations such as VOLSER-level replication monitoring (RepMon™), Push Button DR, CloudTAPE™and Synchronous Tape Matrix™(STM) for continuous availability for tape, as well as an expanded Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) product line that provides secure, fast, and efficient solutions to share data between mainframes and distributed systems.

Luminex  MDI is an extensible, profile-based platform that uses trusted, highly available FICON I/O channels to enable off host processing and bidirectional workflows with mainframe-centric security and control. The MDI SecureTransfer profile sends data to and from the mainframe using the same mainframe  I/O channel technology as DASD and tape systems, transferring data faster and more efficiently than TCP/IP- based applications, such as FTP, while consuming significantly fewer CPU resources and reducing costs. Similarly, MDI SLP allows clients to move mainframe SAS language processing off host, including MXG reporting for SMF records, to reduce operating costs such as MSUs, licensing and DASD storage. SLP can be used to replace mainframe-based SAS language processing or to strategically reduce the cost of “heavy hitter” applications. The included off-host SAS language compiler allows users to keep existing workflows and can return results back to the mainframe or to distributed systems.