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What's New in IBM MQ ?


IBM MQ provides mission critical enterprise messaging, offering a foundation on which to extend and build out a hybrid cloud solution.

This session shows why IBM MQ continues to be the key messaging technology that many companies trust their business to, and how IBM MQ continues to evolve to meet the ever changing requirements of its users.

The session will cover recent updates that enable you to embrace your transition into the cloud and ensure that IBM MQ remains your essential partner as you continue your journey.


Stream: MQ
Room: Chapel
Time: 16:30 - 17:30


  • Jamie Squibb at IBM UK LTD.
  • Jamie Squibb is a software engineer at the IBM Hursley Laboratory in the UK. He is a squad leader in the IBM Messaging organisation, where he has worked since joining IBM as a graduate in 2001. During this time his roles have included product development, specifically for IBM MQ on z/OS and more recently on Linux and the IBM MQ Appliance, plus development and maintenance of the infrastructure used to test IBM MQ and IBM Integration Bus on all platforms, with a particular emphasis on Linux and z/OS.



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