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Learn from the suffering of others. An MQ Consultant's perspective


Learn from war stories of other MQ users to help prevent your whoops from turning into a crisis. Learn what you need to have in place to make recovery easier.   Remember, delete should be a 2 stage process!
How can you tell where a problem is, if you do not know what is normal, it may look bad - but if it always looks that way, the problem is usually somewhere else.



Stream: MQ
Room: Chapel
Time: 11:45 - 12:45


  • Colin Paice at Stromness Software Solutions
  • Colin Paice worked at IBM for over 40 years. He spent over 25 years in MQ, specializing in MQ on z/OS performance and scalability, customer support and visiting customers. Since he retired he is now a consultant. He pokes around in some of the darker corners of IBM MQ and has his blog



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