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IBM Cloud Private and deployments to Secure Service Containers (Customer Experience)


Performing secure deployments of new releases of applications in an easy way is becoming increasingly important ! How to keep the application and its related data secure ! What are the existing solutions to keep development agility and security at the top of their capabilities ! In this session, you will heard about a unique solution, on the market, to take benefits of the speed of deployments for your cloud native applications in an hyper secure environment taking advantages of IBM LinuxONE.


Stream: Linux on Z
Room: Wellington A
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Sebastien LLaurency at IBM Europe
  • S├ębastien LLaurency is an IBM Certified Expert Integration Architect. He joined IBM in 1999. He started to work at the IBM Client Center Montpellier on First-of-a-Kind customers's projects using leading edge technology around Java, Web Services Security, WebSphere Application Server, Autonomic Computing and Tivoli Automation. He made several publications, redbooks, obtained a number of IBM products certifications and got 3 patents filed, among which one granted. He is currently working at the New Technology Center, in Montpellier, France. From the emergence of cloud computing, he continuously innovate and work with the latest solutions including current Openstack or Docker architectures on Linux on z System. He is leading the z System Cloud team in Montpellier as one of the z System Advanced Technical Skills focal point in Europe for z System Cloud. He has many years of experience on cloud computing architectures with several customers from different industries. He recently led a workstream for an IBM Academy of Technology study about architectural comparisons of Linux x86, Linux Power Systems and Linux on z Systems.



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