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An excercise in diversity


Expect fun. Expect frustration. Expect to think hard and engage in intense discussions. 


...Expect to be talking about this for a while afterwards.


The session is a facilitated group activity. It’s designed to highlight issues around who gets to be born into a life where things may be a wee bit easier in the current UK culture (because you’re athletically gifted, or  male, or straight, or white, or whatever), and who gets to be born into a life that may require more effort to get anywhere (because you’re female, or different from the mainstream, or aren’t around a lot of people similar to you, or didn’t inherit the “charming conversationalist” gene, or are disabled, or whatever).

The session is about learning. About seeing things from a different perspective. About taking a walk in someone else’s shoes. Expect all sorts of stuff to come up.


But in a fun way. (That’s code for: we don’t do man-bashing, blaming “society”, or trying to embarrass people. You know me: I’m a loved-up tree-hugger.)


Everyone is welcome. The more the merrier!


Materials required:  An open mind. Something to write with.  Maybe some paper.


Stream: Women in IT
Room: Nurburgring
Time: 12:00 - 13:00


  • Resli Costabell at
  • Resli Costabell won the world championship in Creative Thinking at the 2014 Mind Sports Olympiad, and later was awarded the title International Master of Creative Thinking. She is an award-winning international speaker, trainer, and coach. Resli specializes in applying the art and science of psychology, and you’re welcome to follow along for free at Resli’s clients and assignments are wide-ranging; she has taught group dynamics to IBM, coaching to Procter & Gamble, and presentation skills to Disney. Resli has delivered GSE keynotes on topics such as Motivating & Influencing; Credibility, Confidence & Charisma; and Dealing With Difficult People. She works all over the world… basically, wherever they’ll pay her to go. Resli loves working with mainframers. Truly. She loves their values, their quirky humour, their intelligence, and their enduring appreciation of Dilbert and Monty Python.



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