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The need for Policy Agent inspection and monitoring


Since the availability of z/OS V2R2, the successful implementation of Policy Based Networking for TCP/IP has become increasingly more critical to protect access to the z/OS systems and the information it provides. This will continue to be essential as we move forward past V2R3 and into V2R4.


Through inspections and monitoring we can ensure that the Policy Agent (PAGENT) is configured properly and is providing the most protection and operational integrity. By analyzing the configuration definitions for PAGENT, and the associated DAEMONS, to their relationship of  the RACF settings, a complete understanding of the level of access protection can be provided by the Policy Agent.


This session will explore one method of doing that analysis and highlight areas or concern in the configuration that may have been overlooked in the implementation of the Policy Agent.



Stream: Network Management
Room: Stowe
Time: 14:00 - 15:00


  • Glennon Bagsby at NewEra Software, Inc.
  • Glennon has over 40 years’ experience with the IBM Mainframe platform. He has worked in the military, public and private sectors. He joined NewEra Software at its inception in 1989 and now serves the vital role of technical liaison between the user community and NewEra’s development team. Having provided presentations on this and related topics at several conferences in North America and Europe, Glennon will relate some clients’ experiences from some of the largest data centres around the globe.



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