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Security for a Modern Mainframe Database


IBM’s mainframe security is well known for being hacker resistant. However, the deployment of technology depends on a combination of people, process and technology. Some of those processes, like authentication, begin on desktops and mobile devices that are outside the mainframe security controls and most susceptible to theft, key logging and other means to enable unauthorized personnel to access mainframe systems.There’s also a consideration to enable access to data on a need to know basis. This includes access to personnel data, financial records and critical business intellectual property. This presentation will discuss mainframe capabilities that enable more secure authentication, data protection and audit capabilities that further inhibit unauthorized access without cumbersome end user interface changes or system overhead.


Stream: Enterprise Security
Room: Monza
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Jim Porell at Rocket Software
  • Jim Porell is a Rocket Software Director of Solutions Advisors, focusing on pre and post sales technical assistance for System, Storage and Security products from IBM. Prior to joining Rocket, he was an independent consultant and retired IBM Distinguished Engineer. He held various roles as Chief Architect of IBM’s mainframe software and led Business Development and marketing of Security and Application Development for the mainframe. His last role IBM role was Chief Business Architect for Federal Sales. Jim held a TS/SCI clearance for the US Government, was a member of the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Taskforce in Chicago and co-authored several security books. He has done cybersecurity forensic work at a number of Retail, Financial and Government agencies and created a methodology for interviewing customers to avoid security breaches for large enterprises. Jim has over 39 years working with Information Technology.



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