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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – defence against the dark arts


Security is a key feature of the mainframe and z/OS, but the baddies are using more sophisticated methods to try to hack into your systems and manipulate your valuable and sensitive data. So how do you defend your systems against these attacks and remain the right side of compliance and regulations. This session will examine these threats and explain how and where to use MFA to stop them.

Mark will co-present this session with Keith Banham (Macro 4).


Stream: Enterprise Security
Room: Melbourne
Time: 11:45 - 12:45


  • Mark Wilson at RSM Partners Ltd
  • Over 35+ years Technical IT experience, with a broad range of skills, the majority of which was gained in hands-on technical roles, performing a variety of duties in diverse and complex environments. The majority of Mark’s experience is focused on IBM mainframe systems, where he performs as an Architect, Technician and Project Manager. Mark’s specialist subject is IT Security, in particular, z/OS and associated subsystem (CICS, DB2, MQ, etc) security with RACF, ACF2 or Top Secret installed. Mark has recently been awarded several best speaker awards at: • SHARE in the USA • Vanguard Security Conference in the USA • GSE UK Annual conference Mark is also an active member of the GSE community – currently GSE Conference Manager, GSE UK Technical Coordinator and Technical Co-Coordinator of the GSE Enterprise Security working group


  • Keith Banham at Macro 4
  • Keith Banham has worked in IT for over 35 years and is the mainframe R&D manager at Macro 4, a division of UNICOM Global. Keith started as an Assembler programmer at a major bank and during his 30+ years at Macro 4 he has worked on many of the company’s solutions for application lifecycle management, application performance management, document management and session management. He is responsible for driving the modernization of these solutions by building web, Eclipse and mobile interfaces, and architecting cross-platform solutions utilizing UNICOM’s open systems and IBM i capabilities.



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