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I Smell a Rat – A digital Forensics Approach


Not a single day goes by without reading or hearing in the news about a more or less significant breach affecting companies all over the world. Some of them are due to external hackers, some because of negligence, but oters are fuelled by insiders. Whether they are wistle-blowers, disgruntled employees or job leavers they are passing confidential data to the outside world, some of them with a significant impact on the respective company. Some of the methods used for this are very sophisticated, some are just childish attempts but most of them are going undetected by information security personnel.
This presentation is not at all exhaustive, but will show you a few methods used by the insiders to pass information undetected. From base64 and qouted/printable encryption, to photograph geo-tagging, file embedding and concatenation you will be presented an insight into the wonderful world of digital forensics and its importance in today digital era.



Stream: Enterprise Security
Room: Melbourne
Time: 16:30 - 17:30




  • Cristian Coraci at The Open University
  • I started my computers journey in 1987, at first just playing games and without any wish to do more than that. In 1992 I undertook a qualification course in computers and there was no turning back. Up until now I held various positions from PC operator to network administrator, hardware configuration engineer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support engineer, but I was always passionate about forensic science. From normal forensic science (collecting fingerprints and such) to digital forensics was only a short step. Currently I am undertaking a MSc course in Information Security and Forensics at The Open University with a view to further undergo a PhD in the field.



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