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Modernizing and Standardizing the Mainframe Software Management Lifecycle


Don’t miss this session if you are responsible for installing or maintaining mainframe software! Learn about the industry standard transformation for mainframe software acquisition, installation, provisioning and maintenance. This session includes a demonstration of the SMP/E PTF installation process using a new function, 'Software Update', in z/OSMF.



Stream: Large Systems
Room: Indianapolis
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Elliot Jalley at Broadcom
  • Elliot is a Product Owner at the Broadcom Mainframe R&D Centre in Prague. Some of his current responsibilities include implementing enhancements to the way z/OS software is maintained as well as contributing new functionality to Zowe, an opensource project that offers modern interfaces to interact with z/OS and allows you to work with z/OS in a way that is similar to what you experience on cloud platforms today.



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