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CA OPS/MVS New Features and Roadmap


CA OPS/MVS development team is continuing to develop innovative new features and functionality. During this session you will learn about what features have been recently delivered, and how they can help improve your systems performance. There will also be a discussion about what features are on the horizon, allowing you to help shape these features before they are completed.


Stream: System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics
Room: Magny Cours
Time: 12:00 - 13:00


  • Michael Kiehl at Broadcom
  • Michael Kiehl is a 20 year veteran of mainframe automation tools. The last 4½ years as the product manager for several tools within CA’s mainframe portfolio, including OPS/MVS, Automation Point, and ESP, responsible for driving customer relationships and product innovations. Prior to joining CA, I worked at a major US financial institution as the mainframe automation architect and advocate writing thousands of lines of code to automation daily processes, IPLs, and disaster recovery.



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