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How to perform capacity management and planning on IBM Z


The ability to accurately perform capacity planning tasks on today’s interconnected mainframe is a growing challenge for many IT operations teams. Less predictable workloads aligned with business-focussed SLAs increase complexity and risk in ensuring performance and future growth is understood and costed. IBM Z Decision Support for Capacity Planning provides comprehensive out-of-the-box performance reporting and forecasting based on key performance metrics curated in near real time from SMF and other sources that helps users perform these much-needed tasks around MSU consumption management, forecasting of resource utilization, and predictive “what-if” simulation. Come and learn about the latest updates and value this single end-to-end tool can bring to your enterprise


Stream: System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics
Room: Magny Cours
Time: 16:45 - 17:45


  • Al Hanna at 21st Century Software, Inc.
  • Al Hanna, based in the DFW Area, is the Vice President of Technical Sales at 21st Century Software and their Worldwide IBM Relationship Executive, responsible for 21st Century's Analytics product business with IBM. He has over three decades of experience in sales engineering, customer success / advocacy, client relationships, personnel management, project management, product management, and business development. He moved from a technical base in systems programming, to consulting & services, then on to more sales-oriented roles, typically focusing on the Performance Management, Financial Management, and Capacity Management disciplines.



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