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Millenialization of the Mainframe, and Beyond – Catering to the Emerging Mainframe Professionals


The market has driven through the inflection elbow on the generation curve for mainframe infrastructure support.  The professionals whose experience extends to the earliest days of the mainframe have reached the point when they will no longer be part of the day-to-day workforce, and other IT professionals are stepping into the breach.  The mainframe remains a critical component in the IT complement for many enterprises and, whether in-house, outsourced to a GSP, or in zCloud, the professionals supporting the mainframe infrastructure have changed.  This requires changes to the tools, utilities, and applications they use to perform those functions, such as performance management and JCL configuration.  Join this session to learn more about what these unavoidable changes mean for the user experience administering the mainframe, and how that experience can be provided.


Stream: System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics
Room: Magny Cours
Time: 10:15 - 11:15


  • Jeff Cherrington at ASG
  • Jeff Cherrington joined ASG Technologies as Vice President for Systems Product Management in 2018, after three years as Sr. Director, Product Management, at CA Technologies where he brought to market the first new CA internally-developed mainframe product in over five years. That product went on to produce $30M in new sales in the first year. He is a technology executive with extensive experience providing data processing services and packaged infrastructure software to payments, banking, finance, and other verticals, for both billion dollar publicly held companies and boot strap start-ups. Previous positions include VP of Product Management/Marketing, Prime Factors; multiple positions at PKWARE, Inc., including VP of Product Management, Technical Director – EMEA, and VP of Vertical Solutions. Cherrington holds an EMBA from University of Nebraska.



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