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Service Management Unite


Service Management Unite, first exploiter of Zowe, aim to be the IT operation Web UI, exposing in user friendly web interface Network Management, Automation and Scheduling resources and allowing to act on them in real time, without the need to switch over different interfaces. Come and learn about the latest news on Service Management Unite


Stream: Batch Workload Scheduling
Room: Catalunya
Time: 11:45 - 12:45


  • Yuri Dragun at IBM Europe
  • Juri (Yuri) Dragoun is the architect and the development lead of the IBM System Automation for z/OS Product. Juri joined IBM Corporation in 2001 in Boeblingen, Germany and has lived there ever since. Juri presents briefings on IBM Z Automation topics covering the entire IBM Z Manage Portfolio. As a lab advocate and SA architect, he interacts with clients, speaks at conferences and events, and supports client workshops helping clients with the IBM Z Automation, Monitoring, HA and DR solutions.




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