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Transforming batch resiliency through greater control using analytics and automation


As mainframes have become increasingly interconnected in a hybrid cloud world, enterprises are exposing their key business assets stored on their systems of record to more risks and threats than ever before. While there are many processed defined for application recovery and resiliency, few companies are understanding and effectively managing risk around batch data. Too often the problem is ignored, managed in a patchwork fashion, or inefficiently though an over-redundancy approach. Join us to learn how to address this with a more complete strategy leveraging analytics and automation using IBM Z Batch Resiliency. Using near real-time gathering and continuous curation of SMF data, protect your business from these risks and threats to batch data with a process that is audible, actionable and repeatable. With IZBR, operations are able to identify to the scope of the affected data and can automate recovery within minutes of a data corruption event, not hours, to minimize impact to business and any potential data loss


Stream: Batch Workload Scheduling
Room: Catalunya
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Chris Taylor at 21st Century Software, Inc.
  • Chris Taylor is a Technical Sales Executive working for 21st Century Software and is based in Southern California. He has over 35 years in the IT profession, previously working in the IBM Z Software Migration Project Office specializingin implementation and migration services for DFSMS and other mainframe storage products. He has also worked for Computer Associates, Sterling Software and Software AG in both the United States and Europe, as a specialist in storage mainframe software supportand technical services. He currently is focused on mainframe data protection optimization and risk avoidance.



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