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To Maturity and Beyond: Batch to the Futureā€¦


The JES slate was delivered with many coloured chalk-sticks but required systems programmers and batch managers to sketch out and build their own unique and innovative solutions.

Now, 40 years later, the skills required to maintain the efficient running of large, critical and often complex batch schedules are becoming increasingly scarce.

Without these skills, experience and accumulated knowledge, the efficient and timely delivery of batch jobs becomes a challenge that can impact business needs, performance and overall cost.

Risk-averse businesses must evolve their approach to batch job processing and take a fresh look at how sophisticated, modern and effective their methods are today… and determine where they need to be in the future. Your position in a Batch Maturity Model may surprise you, but fear not; there are people out there who have dedicated their working lives to fixing and tuning the JES/WLM vehicle and creating unique software that will help you modernise and automate your batch environment…

Gary will highlight key batch processing challenges and discuss approaches we can all explore to re-engineer, de-risk and accelerate our batch processing capabilities.


Stream: Batch Workload Scheduling
Room: Catalunya
Time: 16:30 - 17:30


  • Gary Alcock at Compuware UK Ltd
  • Gary Alcock was a global IT technical specialist at HSBC, focusing on high availability and system performance. He has brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to Compuware, where he is now a batch automation specialist, helping clients automate batch management decision controls, reduce delays, improve critical workload throughput and even reduce those vital 4HRA figures by managing CPU peaks & troughs.



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