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Hiperdispatch – SLA improvements and MSU reductions


There is more to maximizing the benefits of Hiperdispatch than just saying Yes.  This session will talk about how to configure PR/SM to get the maximum benefits from the hardware you own and suggest how your next upgrade could be configured to maximize z13+ chip cache and MSU reductions.


Stream: zCMPA
Room: Woodcote
Time: 16:45 - 17:45


  • Don Zeunert at BMC Software Ltd
  • Don Zeunert joined BMC, over 5 years ago, as a Principal SW Consultant for Mainframe Service Management supporting customers worldwide. He was previously with Candle / Tivoli for 24 years. In his last position in the Advanced Technologies Group he provided expertise to help ensure optimum use and effectiveness of monitoring products at hundreds of customers worldwide. Prior to this he spent 15 years as a Candle Field Systems Engineer and was also worked for the Tivoli Competitive Action team and Performance labs and ensuring new versions efficiency. He is the author of numerous tuning articles as well as author major portions of multiple tuning Redbooks. He specializes in tuning of monitoring products and the subsystems for MVS, USS, CICS, DB2, and MQSeries. He was also a frequent speaker at SHARE as well as PULSE, System z Expo and regional CMG meetings. Before joining Candle / Tivoli he had over 12 years experience in systems programming, performance management, database design and application programming.



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