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zDevOps: What We Do, How We Do


DevOps has become a buzzword in the last few years. A number of companies, and development and product teams achieved quite impressive results in this area, making cultural changes, transforming their processes and practices, and introducing new roles, tools and techniques. In this presentation, we will provide case studies on how to build DevOps using the IBM UrbanCode family and share artifacts of implementing CI/CD for z.


Stream: Application Development
Room: Becketts
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Tatsiana Ihnashchenka at IBA Group
  • Email:

  • Yuliya Varonina at IBA Group
  • Yuliya has been working at IBA Group since 2017, her current position being DevOps & Test Automation Engineer. She is engaged in Z stack development, DevOps building, agile engineering, and test automation. In addition, Yuliya is a Scrum Master and an active conference speaker. Last year, she solved problems of building and testing backend and infrastructure of z teams and created CI with related infrastructure for a complex mainframe system that included C, Java, DB2, and TWSz.


  • Valery Aranouski at IBA Group
  • Email:


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