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Even More Fun With DDF


The idea of "alien" DB2 work coming into your system through DDF strikes fear into even the most seasoned Performance Specialist...

How will I classify it?

What will stop it from taking over my machine?

This presentation describes how to use performance data to address both of those questions, based on the author's recent experiences with numerous customers.

It also enables you to understand what applications and machines are issuing the DDF requests, improving your knowledge of the application landscape.

This presentation has substantially evolved in 2019, containing some new "horror stories".


Stream: zCMPA
Room: Woodcote
Time: 10:15 - 11:15


  • Martin Packer at IBM UK LTD.
  • With 32 years of mainframe experience (about 40 of computers), Martin is widely known within the industry, having presented at many conferences and having authored a number of IBM Red Books on performance and other matters. He continues to develop System Analysis tools he uses every day in some of the most difficult Performance and related mainframe situations IBM customers encounter: He has a very wide range of experience of what enterprises do with their System z mainframes. Getting "low down and dirty" with instrumentation gives him a rare insight into what the data can do: He leads others - customers, IBMers, business partners, and other vendors - in getting the value out of this instrumentation. With that experience base he drives conversations with developers about enhancing instrumentation, as well as their products in general. But it's not all about the mainframe: He has a wide range of other technological interests. For example, he knows a lot about programming and how the web is constructed. Last year he started the Mainframe, Performance, Topics Podcast series with Marna Walle.



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