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EPV University: z/OS Performance Analysis (Part II)


These four sessions will be dedicated to z/OS performance analysis.
After a short introduction to the most used CPU measurement units, we will discuss the most relevant performance metrics to use to analyse z/OS workload performance.
We will also focus on the importance of thresholds and daily trend analysis to identify abnormal behaviours and on the usefulness of long term trending for capacity planning.


Stream: zCMPA
Room: Woodcote
Time: 10:15 - 11:15


  • Danilo Gipponi at EPV Technologies
  • Danilo Gipponi has been involved in Service Levels and Cost Accounting projects since 1986. After 9 years with SAS Institute and 5 years with BMC, in 2003 he founded EPV Technologies. He has been the president of CMG-Italia since 2011 and previously served from 2001 to 2004, and overall he has been an officer of CMG-Italia for 23 years. Danilo Gipponi is a regular speaker in many International Conferences.



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