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z/VM and Linux on IBM Z Networking


In this presentation, Malcolm will introduce a basic virtualised ethernet configuration using the z/VM VSWITCH (virtual switch) and then gradually enhance it to configure VLANs, authorisation, High Availability, Link Aggregation and a cross-LPAR LAG port group with Global VSWITCH. This will include covering more recent z/VM enhancements such as Directory Network Authorisation (DNA) and the Network Security Enhancements that do away with the distinction between User Based and Port Based VSWITCHes.


Stream: Linux on Z
Room: Wellington A
Time: 10:15 - 11:15


  • Malcolm Beattie at IBM UK LTD.
  • Malcolm Beattie works in IBM's System z (mainframe) business in the UK Systems and Technology Group as an IT Specialist and Linux Technical Consultant and also supports IBM's System z Academic Initiative. He has 20+ years experience with Linux and 15+ years experience with mainframes. He provides technical sales support for UK clients in the area of System z hardware and software, particularly z/VM virtualisation technology and Linux on System z. For the System z Academic Initiative, he engages with educational institutions across Europe on the subject of "Large Systems Thinking" and enterprise computing with the System z platform. This includes guest lectures, curriculum discussions and visiting lectureships at Surrey University and Sheffield University where he teaches mainframe modules focussing on z/OS. He also manages and runs "Zeus", the mainframe hub that provides free online System z access for education use to universities across Europe. Malcolm began his mainframe career at IBM in 1985 and has also spent 9 years as Systems Programmer for Oxford University Computing Services where he worked on a number of open source projects. He holds a BA, MA and DPhil in Mathematics from Oxford University.



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