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DevOps – Improving It’s AIM


Everyone has heard the term, many of you have a process. But how do you take that process and improve it.
You don’t want to get stuck in the development mud.
So, let’s have a new acronym.  A.I.M.    ( Automate, Innovate, Measure). You have your DevOps engine. How can these steps help you tune it.


Stream: Application Development
Room: Becketts
Time: 09:00 - 10:00


  • Alan Johns at Compuware UK Ltd
  • Alan has been working in IT for over 30 years. With a Db2 DBA background, and in depth experience in the data management and data privacy fields, Alan has now built advanced skills in mainframe DevOps solution implementation. He has supported deployments of Compuware Topaz, including program debugging, unit testing, SCM, as well as Jenkins and SonarQube, as part of an integrated CI/CD tool chain solution for clients in the banking and finance sectors across UK and Ireland. He has also presented on this subject to many companies over the last 3 years. His field experience makes him standout as an expert in solution integration.



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