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Db2 Locking for Application Developers


Understanding Db2 locking is essential to ensure data integrity. This presentation explains Db2 locking semantics and the controls over it, including isolation levels, data currency settings, and other BIND options.  It exposes the perils of coding your application without taking Db2 locking behaviour into account. It discusses the concepts of optimistic locking and how to code update applications safely. It explains Db2 lock avoidance, and how applications can be coded to benefit from it, of great importance in a data sharing environment.


Stream: DB2
Room: Nurburgring
Time: 13:45 - 14:45


  • Gareth Jones at IBM
  • Gareth Z. Jones has worked in IT since 1985, Until 2000, he was an IBM client, with experience as a systems programmer and DBA. He is now works in DB2 for z/OS development, as a member of the SWAT Team, which is led by John Campbell. He has worked with many customers around the world to help them be successful in their use of DB2. He has written several technical papers and presented at many conferences andgroup meetings.



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