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A view from the trenches


‘What is a mainframe?’

‘What’s a Db2?’

These were just 2 of the questions that flooded our mind on our first day as a mainframe Db2 apprentices at Lloyds Banking Group. With no background in any form of IT before (the only REXX we knew of was the tyrannosaurus namesake), it was a steep learning curve. In this talk we will discuss our experience of what it’s like to be a Db2 apprentice and offer any advice we have for those undertaking an apprenticeship in Db2, and for those who might be looking to take on apprentices into the mammoth world of Db2.

Dana Conway & Hannah McGlynn


Stream: DB2
Room: Nurburgring
Time: 13:00 - 14:00


  • Dana Conway at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Email:

  • Hannah McGlynn at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Email:


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