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Happy 25 Years of Parallel Sysplex - A Retrospective and Lessons Learned


his year marks the 25th anniversary of the announced and availability of Parallel Sysplex and Data Sharing. When being developed IBM staked the future of the mainframe in this technology. Why? Let's celebrate with a retrospective by looking back at the evolution of this enterprise computing game changing technology. The more senior attendees will listen nostalgically. Newer performance professionals will gain insights to the evolution and maturity of Parallel Sysplex and Data Sharing.


This is going to be great 25 year review and will be full of insights.



Stream: Large Systems
Room: Indianapolis
Time: 16:30 - 17:30


  • Peter Enrico at EPS
  • Peter Enrico has strong and diverse experience with the IBM zArchitecture platforms, and a solid background in z/OS, Workload Manager, Parallel Sysplex, UNIX System Services, and WebSphere e-business performance. Peter also has extensive experience measuring, analyzing, and tuning z/OS systems, Sysplexes, and subsystems. Peter's abilities extend beyond just performance. He is considered a highly qualified and effective communicator and seminar instructor. He teaches on a wide array of topics including Workload Manager, WebSphere for z/OS, basic MVS performance, Parallel Sysplex, UNIX System Services, and much more. His classes include 'WLM Performance and Re-evaluation of Goals', 'Essential z/OS Performance Tuning', and his newest 'Parallel Sysplex Performance and Tuning’ class.



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