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Secure Hybrid Cloud on Z


To keep up with the hybrid cloud push, there is a lot of exciting technology being utilized on Z to ensure a secure hybrid cloud environment. IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services does so for Linux-based workloads in the public cloud, delivering an ideal location for development and testing, securely and quickly without needing to wait for a provisioned environment. For the later stage in the development process, workloads can be deploy on-prem in a production environment. Both making use of secure enclave technology that is synonymous with IBM Z, ensuring no one has access to your data, not even cloud administrators. Come learn about how you can stand up your own secure virtual machine on Z for hybrid cloud applications.


Stream: New Technologies
Room: Hockenheim
Time: 11:45 - 12:45


  • Dave Hay at IBM UK LTD.
  • Dave is a Senior Software Engineer, with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services, working as part of a multinational team delivering Docker and Kubernetes on the IBM Z platform. Practicing Agile techniques and DevOps principles, the team are responsible for designing, developing, testing and supporting solutions that extend the power of the mainframe with the flexibility of containers. Having been with IBM since 1992, Dave has acquired experience with a wide array of IBM solutions, including automation, cloud infrastructure, containerization and integration. Prior to joining the IBM Z team in early 2019, he was part of the IBM Cloud Services organization, delivering software and cloud solutions to IBM clients across Europe.



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