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Redhat - what does it all mean?


Get an update on Red Hat after the acquisition by IBM. What has changed (Red Hat is still Red Hat!) and what are (some of) the plans for the nearer future? Will there be an Openshift on z? What about KVM on z? What is the difference between a "project" and a "product"? This session will only be parts presentation, but mostly will enable you to ask questions and bring in your thoughts to where Linux on z should go and how you would like Red Hat to support you.


Stream: New Technologies
Room: Hockenheim
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Adrian Keward at Red Hat
  • Adrian Keward is the lead technologist in the Public Sector, based in the UK. He is an accomplished strategist and analyst with over 26 years’ experience in developing technology strategies. Adrian is an established speaker on Technology Strategy, Internet Security, Server Migration and knowledge management, and a very successful workshop leader. He works with clients to explore possible futures, choose a path and to convert the vision into concrete, pragmatic action. Adrian has for last 15 years concentrated on the translation of business and technical issues, across many industries. Adrian leads a number of initiatives within Red Hat on Removing IT costs and complexity in the modern Data Center, working at the customer board level. After beginning in Computer Mainframe Operations and Management, Adrian spent 10 years at Sun Microsystems within the various software companies and divisions. After several senior roles he was appointed Technology Manager for Software with in Sun (UK). Following Sun, Adrian joined Selective Outsourcer Attenda as Head of Pre-Sales and Consulting before Joining Novell as Datacentre Lead and Business Analyst Consultant. Adrian joined HP in 2009 to run the Sun Replacement Program, arriving at Red Hat in 2012.



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