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Keeping Up with the Times: Adopting Zowe as a Modern Mainframe Developer


How extending Zowe CLI made us more productive.

From our beginnings as Application Developers and subsequent experience as Operations Engineers, our move to a DevOps role as part of the Zowe project is a natural progression in our career journey. Knowing what we know now, how could we have used Zowe to improve our lives in our previous roles?

Join this session as we show the time-saving benefits of adopting Zowe, specifically via the creation of a Zowe CLI Systems Operations Plugin. Using what we learned from developing legacy Mainframe applications and performing system administration tasks, extending Zowe CLI was the obvious answer as a way to improve the productivity of teams doing repetitive tasks on the Mainframe even without deep Mainframe knowledge.
Come to hear the first hand experiences and insights of a modern mainframe developer, including how everyone is empowered to extend the capabilities of Zowe CLI for their own individual use cases and automation scripts.

Stream: New Technologies
Room: Hockenheim
Time: 10:15 - 11:15


  • Jessielaine Punongbayan at Broadcom
  • Jessielaine Punongbayan is a Software Engineer at Broadcom in Prague. She started her Mainframe career as an Application Developer in 2007 focusing on developing applications for the financial industry. She then decided to pivot her career and transfer to Systems Development in 2016. Now, she is working in the Mainframe R&D Department where she is helping create new solutions for the Open Mainframe Project.


  • Richelle Anne Craw at Broadcom
  • Richelle Anne Craw is an R&D software engineer for the Open Mainframe Project at Broadcom. She has 12 years of mainframe experience in the various aspects of the field, including application development, business analysis, software consulting, production support, and systems operations. In her current role, she enjoys developing new solutions for modern mainframe developers, working on Software Provisioning, Zowe CLI, and Zowe VSCode Extension.



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