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CICS V5 Technical Update


This session is a deeper dive into the capabilities and how to maximize the value of new areas in CICS.  In December of 2018, with the availability of CICS TS V5.5, IBM CICS Transaction Server has evolved to become the world's most powerful mixed language application server.
 So what does that mean for you?
 -    CICS TS enables applications that are written in different programming languages to share core programming contexts such as security, transactionality, management, and monitoring.
 -   CICS TS V5.5 builds on the capabilities that are delivered in earlier CICS TS V5 releases, enabling development teams to create powerful applications utilizing whichever programming language is optimal for the task, while allowing operational teams to manage these applications from a single point of control.
 -   Major new and enhanced capabilities include Node JS support, Java EE Full Platform support, CICS Explorer aggregation with GraphQL, along with usability and automation.
With further technology drop via the CICS Continuous Delivery system  find out how CICS is reinventing the mainframe Application Server.


Stream: CICS
Room: Hungaroring
Time: 12:00 - 13:00


  • Jenny He at IBM UK LTD.
  • Jenny He is a CICS Software Developer based at the Hursley laboratory in the UK. She has developed a number of CICS releases since 2010, in the areas of asynchronous APIs, performance improvement of CICS web support, CICS Policy, IPIC high availability and event processing. She currently focuses on CICS statistics and monitoring. Apart from software development, Jenny is active in patenting and is a Master Inventor in IBM.



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