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Completing the picture- Hybrid cloud to CICS


When you think of modern, hybrid architectures you're likely picturing a mix of linux based technologies such as docker and Kubernetes running on a variety of cloud providers and racks of x86 or Power servers in your datacenter. But with many of the worlds biggest and most successful businesses like yours, still relying on IBM z for their core compute power day-in day-out, the missing piece of the puzzle has been the zOS native data and applications. Whether you're looking to address the skills barriers, build heterogeneous DevOps pipelines or simply bear able to treat your zOS applications as 'just another runtime', Join us for a sneak peak of the future DevOps tooling and containers support which complete the picture and remove the technology and skills barriers to allow EVERYONE to take advantage of a truly hybrid architecture!


Stream: CICS
Room: Hungaroring
Time: 16:45 - 17:45


  • William Yates at IBM UK LTD.
  • Since the edge of 5 when he decided to run a boundary value analysis test against the VCR by inserting a piece of toast into it, Will has had the knack for systematically breaking software. After a degree in Computer Science he joined the CICS team at IBM Hursley where is has been busy raising defects ever since. He has been involved in all areas of CICS application modernisation, co-authored several red books and recently presented the introduction to CICS video education series.



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