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Efficient management of online resources using CICS Configuration Manager


CICS environments require more agility and responsiveness to business needs than ever before, but most companies have fewer programmers/developers to maintain and develop these systems. The use of CICS configuration manager allows the management of the CICS environment with fewer resources allowing you to reduce the workload of systems administration staff. CICS CM can improve the development time as well by making CICS resource changes easier and more automated, reducing errors and improving quality. With the addition of Audit compliance and support for z/FS resources, CICS CM saves time and has a complete history of any changes to CICS resources. This session will overview the product and its features as well as demonstrate the use of this tool.


Stream: CICS
Room: Hungaroring
Time: 13:45 - 14:45


  • Ezriel Gross at Rocket Software
  • Ezriel Gross, Rocket Software Incorporated

    Ezriel is a Principal Solutions Advisor for Rocket Software specializing in IBM CICS Tools. He was formally the CEO of Circle software (acquired by Rocket Software in 2019), where he specialized in hands-on classes and consulting in CICS, DB2, and MQSeries. Ezriel has been a Gold Consultant and an IBM Champion for many years. His specialties include: Web Services, Web Support, Performance / Tuning, Internals, CICSPlex SM, DevOps and Liberty as they relate to CICS.  He recently co-architected the C\PROF product, a tool that captures CICS trace without running in a CICS region.



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