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CICS and automated Testing


Is you backend development process slower than your front end? I know - updating your backend is far riskier than updating the front, after all the backend is where all the ‘real’ logic runs isn’t it. The reason the front end can move so quickly is because that technology seems optimised for Dev Ops Practices and this is a harder proposition on z. Working in the CICS team and wanting to adopt DevOps practices has led us to deliver a framework that allows tests to be developed and executed on z, these tests allow us to build and test a build of CICS within hours rather than days. Best of all we want to give that framework away as open source. Let us in this session show you how we can take your most complex tests and make them easy to automate so that your backend pipeline can become as powerful as your frontend


Stream: CICS
Room: Monza
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • James Davies at IBM
  • Having graduated from the University of York, with a Masters in physics, James joined IBM where he had previously served his placement year, and has been working in CICS Test and Infrastructure team for the last 14 months.



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