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IzWS Birds of a Feather / Roundtable


This birds of a feather / roundtable session looks at the IzWS roadmap in more detail, looks at the things that have recently been released and provides a forum for users to discuss their requirements of the product. Are you using the APIs, are you interested in where the containers are going, a session where you can ask questions and gain insight.


Stream: Batch Workload Scheduling
Room: Catalunya
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Dean Harrison at HCL Technologies
  • Dean has been a TWS user for over 32 years and has spent the 11 years since joining IBM as a developer, a migration specialist and a frog juggler.  In his spare time he's known to sing and write the odd song, and recently discovered he's 7th cousin to one of The Beatles.



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