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Workload automation is not a young application, it has been around for about 40 years, but it's still a milestone of the big data center. 

Workload automation changed from simple job scheduling application on mainframe to external processes that incorporate many platforms and applications. 

Enterprises need automation to quickly deliver services and eliminate bottlenecks, automatically increase dependencies across multiple infrastructures and delivers benefits to the different teams among the organization. 

IBM Z Workload Scheduler accomplishes all of this and many more.

Come to see how IZWS v9.5 automates manual actions to eliminate redundancies and manual processes and how can reduce cost optimising the usage of system resources.


Stream: Batch Workload Scheduling
Room: Catalunya
Time: 11:45 - 12:45


  • Federica Gari at HCL Technologies
  • Federica began working for IBM in 2001 at the IBM Software Laboratory in Rome. She started her career in the L3 Customer Support department for NetView Access Service and Tivoli Decision Support. During these years, she has held various roles in the product development lifecycle. Two of those years, she spent with the development team for IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler. She then became the L3 Customer Support team leader for the same product. She has covered also the role of Transparent Development Program leader for the entire IBM Workload Automation family. She worked in the L2 Customer Support team in HCL company. She has been Project Manager and Consultant in the HCL Service offering team. Current role is Techsales for Workload Automation solution. She is also involved in HCL Corporate Social Responsibility program, spending some hours in high schools to introduce computer scienze to scholars in terms of a 'funny game' She earned her master's degree in Mathematics and currently lives in Rome, by the sea with her daughter Swami.



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