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TDMF 5.9.0 This is Not Your Father’s TDMF!


TDMF has been used for thousands of vendor agnostic DASD volume migrations. This session will describe beneficial use cases you can apply in your environment. We will discuss ongoing enhancements to modernize TDMFs non disruptive volume migration capabilities and how it keeps pace with the latest storage technologies: supporting exponentially larger volume counts, zVM volume functionality and improve memory utilization , are just a few.


Stream: Storage Management
Room: Vale
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • John Hogan at 21st Century Software, Inc.
  • John has been working on IBM mainframe system for 39 years and started in operations, moved to systems programming and has spent the last 29 years is systems software development working on disaster recovery products, and transparent data migration products. He is currently the 21st Century Senior Software developer working on the zDMF pervasive encryption enhancements. He is familiar with most DADSM, DFSMS, catalog, and I/O structures and is an IBM patent holder with another one pending.



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