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What zDMF 3.4 does for Pervasive Encryption


Data protection and compliance are business imperatives. Clients are relying on encryption to protect their data. However, implementing encryption can be a complex process. Join us for this live demo and discussion to learn how zDMF can help you manage risk, save money, and protect client relationships through migrating and encrypting data sets with minimal disruption.


Stream: Storage Management
Room: Vale
Time: 14:00 - 15:00


  • Mike Moss at 21st Century Software, Inc.
  • Mike is a Senior TDMF/zDMF L2 to L3/Developer for 21st Century Software. He began his mainframe career and spent 26 years at Amdahl as SE/Senior SE/Specialist supporting both software, hardware, firmware and microcode on ECL and CMOS Amdahl mainframes. Mike has a range of in-depth mainframe architectural skills including hardware, I/O, Command Mode/zHPF channel programming and assembler skills. Before coming to 21st Century Software, he spent 10 years at IBM supporting TDMF and zDMF from L2 to L3/Development, specializing in TDMF diagnosis, creating/testing fixes and developing feature enhancements.



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