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Round table - data migration


Moving data from one device to a newer device has become an increasing proportion of a storage team's workload as storage capacity continues to grow in increasingly complex copy services or GDPS environments. At the same time, tolerance of any form of risk whether of service interruption or degradation is lower than ever, as is the risk of data disclosure via disposla of old hardware. Data migration is usually also the time when the technical debt of small volumes is repaid.

Storage managers are invited to take part in a round table session to share their experiences, tools, pain points and success stories. Vendors are invited to take the opportunity to listen to these experiences and contribute advice and solutions. Although this session follows on from those on TDMF and zDMF discussion of hardware-based tools and installation policies are equally welcome.

The session will start with a very brief introduction.


Stream: Storage Management
Room: Vale
Time: 16:45 - 17:45


GSE DF data migration round table 2019.pdf


  • Nigel Morton at GSE UK
  • Nigel Morton has spent most of his career working with mainframe storage, whether disk, tape or software; firstly with IBM in various roles and then with Barclays, leaving as Head of Mainframe Storage.

    Nigel is currently chairman of the GSE storage management working group.



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