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MongoDB for Hotel Room Shopping at Marriott


Shopping traffic, driven in part by changing rates has resulted in unsustainable growth to our z/TPF based reservation system called MARSHA.  At this session you'll hear about the motivation, design and, roll out into production along with the teams and tools used to make this part of our quickly expanding ecosystem.


Stream: Linux on Z
Room: Wellington A
Time: 11:45 - 12:45


  • Neale Ferguson at Sine Nomine Associates
  • As principal engineer at Sine Nomine Associates, I have been doing Linux on the mainframe since it was a skunkworks project within IBM. I have authored several articles in publications such as Enterprise Technical Journal (and its predecessors) and have presented on z/VM and Linux around the world. I am a maintainer of the CentOS-like distribution of Linux on z Systems, the Mono project (.Net on Linux), and the High Availability Option on z and Power. I am a member of the Open Mainframe Project and Linux Foundation.



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