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Best Practices: IMS CDC data to Modern Streaming Platforms


This presentation is based on the numerous IMS to Kafka deployments that they have been involved with over the past couple of years...mostly with large Banks / Insurance customers.  We've seen what works and what does not and the objective is to steer people in the right direction as this use case is very popular in the IMS community these days.


Stream: IMS
Room: Wellington B
Time: 10:45 - 11:45


  • Scott Quillicy at SQData Corporation
  • Scott Quillicy is the Founder of SQData, a U.S. based software company that specializes in high-performance data movement and changed data capture (CDC) for IMS, VSAM and relational databases, such as DB2 and Oracle.  With over 30 years of experience, Scott specializes in the real-time replication of IMS databases to a variety of downstream databases and big data platforms.  Scott and his team at SQData have been involved with many IMS related projects over the years, compiling a set of best practices for success along the way. 



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