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Demo of consuming a REST API from an IMS pgm using Z/OS Connect EE


z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition is the strategic enabler for integrating IBM Z within the API economy. We start a demo based on the IMS PhoneBook application showing how to consume a REST API from an IMS application. We use a Cloudant API to call from the IMS PhoneBook program using z/OS Connect EE. We then discuss some of z/OS Connect EE and IMS outbound security considerations.


Stream: IMS
Room: Wellington B
Time: 14:00 - 15:00


  • Aymeric Affouard at IBM Europe
  • Aymeric Affouard is a Certified IT Specialist working in the IBM Systems Center - Lab Services in Montpellier France. He mainly focuses on integration with IBM Z systems using REST APIs with z/OS Connect EE and IBM API Connect. He has experience in various areas related to IBM Z: IMS, CICS, WebSphere, DB2, z/VM® and Linux on IBM Z. He has five years of experience on developing mobile applications and web sites. Prior to working in Montpellier, Aymeric worked in IBM Global Business Services® in Paris focusing on retail customers.



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