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DonĀ“t be afraid of ODBM security and gain control over all access points to your databases


IBM IMS provides support for the open database concept through its CSL Open Database Manager(ODBM) feature, however many database administrators are unenthusiastic about the open database concept, because of its perceived vulnerability and security issues. During this presentation we will cover some of the methods that can be employed to secure your ODBM in your IMS environment. Don´t be afraid of ODBM and learn how to gain control over all access points to your databases.  


Stream: IMS
Room: Wellington B
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Radek Mrvec at Broadcom
  • I joined CA Technologies 6 years ago as an Associate Software Engineer working on CA ACF2. A year later I switched to CA Database Management Solutions for IMS for z/OS. After another five years in development I am now working as a Senior Software Engineer, mainly on new development across the whole CA IMS Tools portfolio.



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