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Do not forget to keep your IMS database in a good shape


Whether you are new to IMS world or an experienced professional, it is always good to remind from time to time how to increase your IMS database performance, possibly lower the cost, and to ensure data integrity. We would like to discuss simple use cases for IMS HDAM databases that are the most common in the life of database administrator. 


Stream: IMS
Room: Wellington B
Time: 16:45 - 17:45


  • Jakub Hofman at Broadcom
  • Jakub has worked in the IT industry since he was a student at Prague's University of Economics. Starting in Business Operations roles at IBM, since joining Broadcom Jakub has embraced the mainframe specialising in IMS. Currently, Jakub now leads product management for IMS database at Broadcom and learns something new about the technology every day.



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