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Opening the Doors to Accessing IMS/DB via DB2


To paraphrase Mark Twain, “Reports of the death of mainframes are greatly exaggerated”, for which all of us attending GSE 2019 are grateful. However, there is no doubt that number of mainframe specialists is significantly less than 10 years ago and continues to diminish every year.


One area where the shortage of skilled mainframe resources is acute is in IMS. Many large mainframe organisations have core systems that use IMS databases and migration to Db2 or alternative platforms is on the radar of many mainframe IT managers and architects. In this presentation, we explore the issues surrounding the migration of IMS databases, from the underlying business drivers to evaluating the possible approaches. We will also put forward a preferred approach we believe to be the best in terms of risk avoidance, time to market and investment protection.


Stream: IMS
Room: Wellington B
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Stan Hoey at Syncsort
  • Stan has worked in IBM mainframes across most disciplines for over 40 years. While at IBM, Stan was a Db2 specialist supporting IBM’s internal Db2 systems and providing consultancy services to many IBM customers. He co-authored the first Db2 disaster recovery Redbook and contributed to the Db2 product manuals. For most of the last 20 years, Stan was the product manager for DL/2, a transparent IMS to Db2 application migration product from Circle Computer Group in Brighton and worked on successful DL./2 migration projects across many industries and geographies Since Syncsort’s acquisition of Circle in 2013, Stan has established and led the EMEA Customer Support organisation.



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