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Securing z/OS FTP Transmissions


FTP is a readily available, convenient, and inexpensive technology to transfer files and data sets between z/OS and a virtually unlimited number of other operating system platforms.  This session will explore a wide range of aspects related to how FTP works on z/OS with a focus on how you can secure both the FTP environment itself and the individual data transfers that z/OS FTP participates in both as a client and as a server.  We will discuss the following topics in this session:
* Why is FTP so Vulnerable?
* Know Which Problem You Need to Solve
* Discuss the Pros and Cons of each solution
* Discuss when and where it makes sense to use/implement each solution
* Time permitting a live demo of one of the solutions we discussed
From a networking viewpoint, this topic incorporates reviews of FTP, FTPS, SSH, SFTP, VPN and PGP functions.


Stream: Network Management
Room: Stowe
Time: 15:15 - 16:15


  • Mike Moss at Value-4IT LTD
  • Michael Moss has 35 years technical and architectural experience working with IBM Mainframe technologies. For the last 25 years Michael has been focussed on cost optimization, especially in the server and storage functional areas.


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