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The mainframe, the machine, the mystique and the mastery


The mainframe is the mysterious black box of Hollywood films.   But it's also the engine that keeps the world running.    Find out why the mainframe has a surprising mystique and why it's just like a Porsche 911.   Learn how to leap over the barriers you'll hear in your career and some surprising numbers around the cost of mainframes.  During this session, the big secret of mainframes will be revealed.   Dare you miss it?



Stream: Mainframe Skills & Learning
Room: Copse
Time: 10:15 - 11:15


  • Matt Roseblade at IBM
  • Matt Roseblade is a relatively new member of the IBM Z software technical sales community.  However, this role brings together all the technical, financial and soft skills acquired in his previous roles in the IT industry.

    Matt was a member of the IBM IT Economics Practice from 2012 to mid-2019.  In that time, he worked with over 120 clients, looking at ways of helping them reduce their IT costs.   In many cases, Matt has steered clients away from expensive decisions and towards cost saving measures.  Although Matt has worked with all platforms, his IT Economics role focused on mainframes, including IBM LinuxONE.

    Matt has a strong mainframe background with experience as an Operator and as a Automation Analyst. 

    Matt took a break from mainframes for a decade and worked as a Tivoli Services Consultant, working across Europe delivering IBM Tivoli products across all platforms at over 50 client sites.

    Outside of work, Matt runs and performs stand-up at local comedy clubs.  Matt’s previous employment experience includes record-shop assistant, door-to-door salesman and shepherd.



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